Forbidden Harvest: The Characters

Forbidden Harvest dramatizes the insufficient number of organ donors and the many children who die while awaiting kidneys, hearts and other life saving organs.

The Bradshaw Family

Tom: CEO of Bradshaw Industries; Lydia: Tom’s mother and family matriarch; Link: Tom’s only child, has a congenital heart condition that eventually causes him to suffer a heart attack at age 12.

Dr. Kenneth Bernholtz

Link’s godfather and chief pathologist at Children’s Hospital. Several years before Link’s heart attack, Bernholtz developed a method to preserve animal organs for long periods of time, but the hospital forbids him to move ahead with his research using human organs. At autopsy he holds in his hands perfectly healthy organs that must be discarded because of lack of parental consent to use them. What he decides to do at the point changes his life and the life of the ones he loves.

Marty Lopinski

15 year old girl meets Link where he is admitted after suffering a heart attack. She is in for chemotherapy. They become friends. She hides in the morgue and observes something astounding. It concerns Link’s godfather, who is chief pathologist at the hospital.

Dr. Frank Tupelo

He’s Link’s and Marty’s young doctor. Marty tells Frank what she has observed. He’s incredulous but enlists a nurse, Tina Carol, at a nearby hospital where Frank suspects Dr. Bernholtz might be using organs he is removing at autopsy. Frank believes Dr. Bernholtz is not doing it for financial gain but to save of children in need of a donor organ. But despite his motivation, what he is doing is unethical and possibly criminal.

Dr. Gamal Faysal

He is medical director at a nearby hospital, and unknown to Dr. Bernholtz, he is extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the parents of the children receiving the stolen organs.

When his godson is near death, Dr. Bernholtz decides to fly to London to get a heart for Link…despite the fact that in so doing he will be exposing his illicit activities….

But Dr. Faysal is not ready to give up his lucrative enterprise.